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5 Healthy Habits that Happy People Do in the Morning

These tips could be the key to becoming a morning person!

Whether you put in your time at a 9 to 5 or you’re making money by working for yourself, most people can agree that the morning just feels harder when you have somewhere to be or something to do. But, here’s the thing. Mornings aren’t the enemy… you just have to find ways to make the early AM work for you. And, who knows? With these 5 healthy habits, you may find yourself actually becoming one of those annoying happy people we tend to avoid before noon.

Refrain from Hitting the Snooze Button

Yes, setting multiple alarms can work wonders for waking you up in the morning, but have you ever tried actually getting out of bed the first time it goes off? Think of how much more time you’ll have to get ready while starting your day off on a productive note rather than rushing and trying not to be late for work… again. If this seems like an impossible task, try setting your alarm(s) earlier than you normally would with the last one going off at the time you’d normally wake up. And for further encouragement, set your phone (assuming that’s how you use your alarm) somewhere on the other side of the room so you have to walk over and get it when it rings.

Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

You’ve heard it said so many times before but eating a nutritional breakfast really does help set the tone for your day. Eating something tasty when you wake up will help curb the inevitable “hanger” when waiting for lunch encouraging higher productivity levels and contributing to an overall better mood throughout the day. Preparing a healthy meal in the AM also helps to increase your metabolism and might just motivate you to make healthier decisions throughout the day.

Leave the Phone Alone

We all know that mobile devices can be distracting and harmful to our productivity levels. Instead of texting or browsing through social media as soon as you wake up, try using that time to mentally prepare yourself for the day instead. With so much hard-hitting news surfacing on Facebook and Twitter, switching up your morning routine to include a quiet cup of coffee, meditation practice, or learning a new skill might be just what you need for some solid weekday motivation.

Enjoy Some R&R

The concept of “meditation” tends to intimidate a lot of people but it doesn’t have to. Knowing how to meditate simply means to sit quietly and focus on your breath while trying to clear out your thoughts. Even if you can make 5-10 minutes each morning to sit quietly and breathe deeply, you may find yourself feeling calmer and possibly even accomplish more throughout the work day. If meditation doesn’t interest you, enjoying your own company with a cup of coffee or tea can be a really relaxing way to start off any day of the week.

Effective Day-Planning

Writing out a daily to-do list, whether it’s on your phone or in a day-planner, can really help spark some serious motivation for the day. When you have a general understanding of what’s expected of you, diving into work should feel much less stressful allowing yourself to accomplish more while feeling calmer and more collected. Try it out for yourself!

Waking up earlier than you normally would might seem awful, but try it for a week or two and measure out your productivity levels afterwards. Who knows? You may find that by becoming a morning person, life will generally feel happier and more rewarding.

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